Thursday, February 22, 2024

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Marmalade Review: A Fiery Trio of Performances Heightens This Caper

Steven Soderbergh went from directing Ocean's 11 to helming Logan Lucky, proving that rednecks can be just as slick at pulling off the ultimate heist. Years later, Keir O'Donnell is taking a stab at the thrilling subgenre of cinema. You might recognize him from his standout roles in Wedding Crashers as Todd and season 2 of Fargo as Ben Schmidt. However, in his new film Marmalade, which he wrote and directed, O'Donnell is nowhere to be seen, however. It's a small-scale comedy-drama that offers some juicy twists and turns along the way, and combined with the upbeat pace, he might just have a future in the industry from behind the camera as well.

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